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""Infertility. It's always been one of my worst fears. So, you can only imagine after over a year of trying to get pregnant with my second child, I was emotionally and physically stressed. I didn't want to face the conventional route of drugs, tests, and prodding. I've always tried to…"

~ Sara - Salt Lake City, UT | May 7, 2013

Dr. Schmutz Can Heal You!

Why Are So Many People Turning To Naturopathic Health Care?

  1. People Are Tired Of Being Sick
  2. Nobody Wants To Take Pills The Rest of Their Life
  3. Traditional Medicine Hasn't Worked For Them
  4. The Side Affects of Strong Drugs Just Aren't Worth It

Drug Companies Make Billions Treating Symptoms!

When They Should Be Focused On Treating The Cause of Disease. In Fact, Drugs Often Cause More Problems & Require More Pills!

Let Integrative Medica Help You Be Healthy Again...The Natural Way!

How Soon Can You Be Healthy Again?

Over and over again our patients are shocked at how quickly they improve.

Of course healing takes time and we will be with you every step of the way!

When you get the right health care healing isn't as hard as you think!


Imagine Not Worrying or Thinking About Your Sickness?

We want you to think of what life was like before you were needing professional medical help...

It was good & it will be that way again with the help of natural medicine.

You will feel better, think better, and live a better life!

Why So Many Trust Us With Their Health?

Dr. Schmutz has healed 100s of patients from chronic diseases to minor health concerns.

Dr. Schmutz is trained in both conventional medicine & alternative medicine.

On top of regular medical schooling Dr. Schmutz opted in for post doctoral training that included I.V. nutrient therapy, neural prolotherapy, prolotherapy, neurocranial restructuring, platelet rich plasma therapy, and visceral manipulation.


What You'll Get From Dr. Jake Schmutz

1. A natural approach to healing & medicine

2. A thorough understanding of your condition & an actionable treatment plan

3. A personable doctor that cares about getting your body back to health

4. A trained physician in both natural medicine and traditional medicine

5. A local Salt Lake City doctor that has seen and helped 100s of patients

6. A local staff that is easy to work with

Do We Have Any Healing Stories You Can Read?

Of Course We Do!

Nothing makes our day more wonderful than experiencing the life changing benefits our patients feel as their bodies become healthier and stronger with natural medicine.

We know how much these stories mean to us and because of this we have received permission from these patients to share these amazing transformations with you.

We thank you for your consideration to receive real healing through Dr. Jake Schmutz at Integrative Medica and we look forward to helping you be healthier, feel healthy, and live a healthy life!

Recent Stories of Healing

Prostate Cancer Treatment Salt Lake City

Brief Explanation:

How would you react if your Doctor told you that you would have to wear diapers the rest of your life? This patient did not accept that as his fate and sought us out for alternative treatments. We have been treating his Prostate Cancer for over a year now with no spread of the cancer. Read more to find out how our alternative to surgery and diapers saved our patients quality of life.

Liver Cancer Treatments Salt Lake City

Brief Explanation:

A new patient came to us knowing that he had Liver Cancer and was suffering from a lot of the symptoms that accompany Liver Disease. He chose us because he was looking for an alternative approach to treating Liver Cancer other than Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery. In less than 4 months his symptoms were gone and a CT Scan showed the cancer had been eliminated. Click the picture above to read more…

Local Utah Woman is Healed!

Brief Explanation:

This is a story from one of our patients that was really hurting and needing a miracle in her life. We proved to be that miracle by helping her body heal. After 1 year she went from walking with great pain to running and loving it. She credits us for giving her life back. Read the complete story here!

You Can Read Even More of These Amazing Stories. You Will Find Them Scattered Throughout Our Website.

Please let us know what additional information you need to choose Integrative Medica as your first and last health solution!

What Do Our Patients Say About Us?

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Read This First!

Where Do Our Testimonials Come From?

It is really important to know that we never put up a testimonial that isn't real. We make sure that all of our testimonials are verified. In fact, there are two primary methods that we collect and share patient testimonials.


The internet is a great thing for companies that work really hard to provide fantastic services. We are listed all across the internet on sites like Google Maps, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and more. On each of these sites our patients have the opportunity to share their reviews of our medical office.
So, the 1st method that we get verified reviews is through 3rd party websites like the ones mentioned above.


The second way our patients leave us reviews is through a verified phone call. Each patient has the option to leave a real review and feedback of the services they received and results they experienced.
This review verification process helps our office be the best health care service we can be.

Recent Patient Reviews

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Cedar City, UT

Date: Jan 19, 2016
“I have recommended Dr Schmutz to some friends. I love that he practices holistic medicine. He seemed to really know what he was doing and was competent. He wasn't a one glove fits all doctor and he was extremely thorough with tests. I didn't get to follow through with the whole treatment but stomach issues still went away so I would still say it was a success.

Stomach Treatment Review in Cedar City, UT


Farmington, UT

Date: Feb 3, 2016
“I came in because I had some issues with one of my eyes and he gave me some advice in terms of holistic types of treatment. He told me to be more consistent with some natural treatments I was already doing. I also had a sore throat and he got me on an elimination diet and figured out I was having an allergic reaction to my dogs hair and dander clogging our vents. What I liked most about Dr Schmutz is that I was able to talk to him about my thoughts and he worked with me instead of being like most doctors who act like your role in your care is none of your business.

Sore Throat Doctor in Farmington, UT


Cedar City, UT

Date: Feb 3, 2016
“I went to him for some blood work and stuff and the treatment that he did was definitely able to help me. He did a cleanse for me. Their service and how they treated me was really great.

Naturopathic Blood Work Doctor in Cedar City, UT

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